2006 Toronto

Continuing with tradition and building on the previous women’s advocacy groups ATHENA worked in partnership with ICW and Canadian groups, Voices of Positive Women and the Coalition for a Blueprint for Action on Women and Girls and HIV, to create the the inaugural Women’s Networking Zone (WNZ) in the Global Village for the XVI International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2006) in Toronto.

The WNZ was a strong community-driven program which provided six days of skills-building workshops, strategy sessions, and presentations. The venue provided a space for Canadian priorities to be shared, solutions to be debated, and for community-based women leaders to bring their knowledge, questions, and success stories to the discussion.

ICW and ATHENA took this global-local partnership to the historic 2007 International Women’s Summit, “Women’s Leadership Making a Difference on HIV and AIDS,” in Nairobi, Kenya co-convening a Women’s Networking Zone in the Sokoni, parallel to the Summit.